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Honey, I Joined a Cult

Honey, I Joined a Cult is a single player tycoon/base building game set to be released on the PC. 

Inspired by games such as Prison Architect, Theme Hospital and Rimworld, HIJAC allows you to start and run your very own highly customisable 1970s cult. 

Sole Survivor Games

Simon is a former City finance lawyer. His love of document drafting continues to this day. He codes and designs the game but is rightfully not involved in any art.

Ed is a former technical draftsman. Ed codes the game and produces the art work. Ed does not like Simon's documents.




Choose a humorous name for your:

  • Cult

  • Leader

  • Divine Being

  • Holy Room

  • Followers

Then decide on:

  • A funky symbol for your merch

  • A weird uniform to impress the public

  • An imposing hat to make the other cults jealous

  • A strange relic to worship and adore

Base Building

Set up your cult HQ. Cultists don’t want much but they’ll definitely need to use a toilet at some stage, and beds mean they can indoctrinate with a decent night’s sleep. The Hypno-Chamber will remind followers of what’s really important and the Pool of Revelations will reveal their hidden traits – maybe they’re a genius, maybe they spend an especially long time on the toilet.


If you’re going to progress you’re going to need some wealthy and influential members, preying on the destitute just doesn’t pay the bills. Not everyone wants your cult to succeed though; the Government, journalists and cultists’ family members all seem to hate you?! And that’s to say nothing of the local rival cult.

Watch out for your leader too – his ego will get out of check. Looks like you’ll be building a statue to his awesomeness after all.

Whatever happens, keep making money as you slowly realise the Grand Plan.


“Honey, I Joined A Cult is the Prison Architect of the soul”

Rock Paper Shotgun

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